Nairobi Space Station: A Wild Future Initiative

Kairos Futura, Nairobi, Kenya
18 Mar 2023 - 01 Jun 2023

Courtesy of Kairos Futura

Courtesy of Kairos Futura

On March 18th, Kairos Futura, an artist-led organization, will launch the Nairobi Space Station, an initiative that aims to bring creative, sustainable solutions to the city of Nairobi. Led by Kairos Futura Directors Abdul Rop, Lincoln Mwangi and Ajax Axe, the team of artists, designers, and scientists is dedicated to imagining, prototyping, and implementing exciting, new visions for the future of Nairobi, with a particular focus on ecological issues and rewilding inner-city areas. The launch will be at the McMillan Memorial Library and is the first art show to be hosted at the historical location. Several local artists will exhibit their artworks and installations.

« The Nairobi Space Station is not about escaping to another planet, but about creating a more sustainable and livable city for our community, » said Abdul Rop, co-commander of the Nairobi team. « We’re committed to working with local organizations and activists to develop and implement creative, practical solutions that improve the environment, promote biodiversity, and enhance the quality of life for everyone here and particularly people in informal settlements.”

The team, which is comprised of 10 working members and over 100 volunteer members, is working with community leaders who want to use creativity as a catalyst for change. Community partners such as the Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary, which is Nairobi’s largest urban forest, Mathare Green Movement, Wajukuu Arts, Looks Like Avido, and Nairobi Design Week are working with members of Kairos Futura to help achieve the maximum impact in areas where artists are planning initiatives and workshops.
« We are thrilled to be partnering with organizations that share our vision of a greener and more livable city, » say Ajax Axe, director of Kairos Futura.

Some of the projects the team is working on include creating guerrilla green spaces in informal settlements, exploring innovative solutions for improving water quality, creating a “flying matatu, indigenous tree seed bank,” and offering experiential learning opportunities around imagining the future of Nairobi. The team is also exploring ways to rewild inner city areas to promote biodiversity and improve the health of local ecosystems particularly along the rivers in Mukuru Kwa Njenga, Mathare, Kibera and Korogocho.

« The Nairobi Space Station is about creating a future where we live in harmony with nature, instead of against it, » says Lincoln Mwangi, the other co-commander for the team.

The Nairobi Space Station will run from March 18th-June 1 with events throughout the city.