Januário Jano: Fragmentação 1.0

Galeria Banco Económico, Luanda, Angola
18 Feb 2016 - 18 Apr 2016

Januário Jano: Fragmentação 1.0

Courtesy: Agora Gallery

Titled ‘Fragmentação 1.0’, this exhibition features works developed during the last few years with pieces featuring a multiple approach at different times that led Jano to look at his own existence.

“I see my 24h as a unique life or existence and as they will not repeat. For this reason, with this body of work, I identify and register the moment. (…) Today the dream is an abstract reality and the present is the future (in other words, the reality in which we live is fictitious, multiple and fragmented)”. With about 30 original works, amongst which, paintings, installations, site-specific and art videos, Januario Jano has built through its aesthetic a story and defines a way between two ranges and two interpretations, that are fragments of time and space and fragments of the individual, of the Self and the Being – therefore of unity. The first range includes pieces with an open and vibrant component aesthetically speaking and the second one includes a more reflected, rational and argument-based component.

Responsible for a unique artistic expression through kwicks Pop, Januário Jano is also a researcher with particular interest in aesthetic and culture inserted in a social context, which led that nowadays his work is based on studies related to these fields. Januário works essentially in painting, installing, video and photography with parameters that go from traditional art to street art, using different forms of expression.

The exhibition was inaugurated on February 18th, at Galeria do Banco Económico, a new and unique space that brings to the city a new hope for artists, having the capacity of adapting itself to the creative imagination of any artist.

Januário Jano (1979, Luanda), also known as Jano Mcbeeboo, has developed early on the habit of exploring different ways of creating images – doing wall painting, collecting and cutting newspapers and magazines in order to create “scrapbooks”. He has been exploring various shapes and formats, using all it has at his disposal. He concluded his post-graduate studies in 2015 with honors BA (Hons), in Design Studies at the former Guilhall University (current London Metropolitan University). The interest he has for aesthetic and culture, inserted in a social context, led him to base his work nowadays on studies related to these fields.