Appel d'offres

Hamiltonian Artists Fellowship

Hamiltonian Artists, Washington, DC, United States
Deadline: 15 May 2020

Hamiltonian Artists Fellowship

The Hamiltonian Artists Fellowship serves as a steppingstone for visual artists who have an active studio practice and are seeking assistance in creating a sustainable professional art career. The fellowship program seeks to create a stimulating environment for continued artistic and professional growth.
Through a comprehensive suite of professional exhibition opportunities, programming, field trips, and one-on-one attention and support, all Hamiltonian Fellows gain valuable insight into the contemporary art market, while learning how to manage and promote their careers. They enjoy heightened visibility and actively grow their professional networks over the course of the two-year program. Fellows are expected to take active roles in their professional development, as well as that of the other fellows in the program while also contributing to the DC art community at large.

The Jury
Hamiltonian Artists is pleased to announce the jurors for the 2020 – 2022 Fellowship Program. For the first time in its history, the jury panel includes jurors from outside the region and is being announced publicly in advance of the jurying process: Kayleigh Bryant-Greenwell, Larry Cook, Hasan Elahi, Carl Gunhouse, Erin Jane Nelson

By entering the Hamiltonian Artists Fellowship, you are agreeing to accept the responsibilities that this privilege affords and to take an active role in the Hamiltonian community. Exhibitions are a large part of your professional development but are not the sole focus of the program.

As a Hamiltonian Fellow You…

will benefit from

  • an annual $2,000 honorarium;
  • regular seminars and discussions in art and business with leaders in the community;
  • participation in the annual group exhibition, New.Now (first year only);
  • participation in the annual Fellows Converge program (second year only);
  • an annual solo exhibition at Hamiltonian Artists;
  • a commissioned piece of critical writing in conjunction with your second-year solo exhibition at Hamiltonian Artists
  • commercial representation and support for the full duration of your Fellowship;
  • marketing and promotion of your work and exhibitions through Hamiltonian Artists’ social media and communications channels;
  • public programming created to provide context for your work;
  • one-on-one grant-writing assistance;
  • access to handpicked art professionals for advice on planning upcoming exhibitions and other professional needs;
  • community support from current and past Hamiltonian Fellows;
  • feedback through studio visits, critiques, and planning sessions for exhibitions;
  • monthly field trips to DC-area art and cultural organizations that include intimate conversations with the organizations leaders;
  • and two full-day field trips a year to connect with other art communities in our region like New York, Richmond, Philadelphia.

are required to

  • attend orientation;
  • attend weekly Wednesday evening meetups from 6-8:30pm; throughout the year, there will be
    • 5 critiques for the 1st year cohort
    • 5 group studio visits for the 2nd year cohort
    • 10 artist talks
    • 10 other programs including but not limited to group discussions, seminars, guest speakers, and professional development programming;
  • attend a group field trip one Friday per month (10 total)
    • Eight will be half-day trips to local organizations. (10am-1pm).
    • Two will be full-day trips to other arts communities within driving distance of DC;
  • gallery sit for one day during the run of your show;
  • give an artist talk in conjunction with your exhibitions;
  • work with Hamiltonian Artists to plan at least one event with community involvement such as a panel discussion, performance, or workshop;
  • take an active role in the promotion and marketing of your exhibitions (working collaboratively with Hamiltonian Artists team);
  • adhere to the Hamiltonian Artists Representation and Consignment Agreement;
  • attend the yearly Fellows Converge group retreat and work with Fellows and guest curators to plan a resulting exhibition or program (second year only);
  • work with Hamiltonian Artists to apply to at least one external grant per year to support your artistic practice;
  • be actively engaged in your community of Fellows;
  • volunteer a single day each year to aid in the installation or deinstallation of another Fellow’s exhibition;
  • and participate in the Hamiltonian Artists community by attending Fellow exhibition openings and programs.


For further information and to apply please visit: