Halimatu Iddrisu: Shrouded Mysteries (The New Norms)

Nubuke Foundation, Accra, Ghana
11 Nov 2023 - 16 Mar 2023

Halimatu Iddrisu: Shrouded Mysteries (The New Norms)

Nubuke Foundation announces their new art exhibition, the final showcase of 2023: « Shrouded Mysteries (The New Norms) » by the remarkable Halimatu Iddrisu.

The art world has always been a canvas for expressing the complexities of our society, and in this exhibition, Iddrisu delves into a profound exploration of the enigmatic « New Norms » that are reshaping the world of fashion, identity, and spirituality for young Muslim women.

The act of dressing has long been a challenge for women, fraught with questions that probe the boundaries of societal standards, religiosity, and individuality. In her artistic journey, Halimatu Iddrisu takes us through a compelling narrative that encapsulates the transformation of dressing norms. This deviation from tradition gives rise to the pivotal question: What defines the « New Norm »?

Through her artistic lens, Iddrisu creatively employs materials such as scuba and lace to replicate the intricate textures and aesthetics synonymous with Islamic fashion. Her artworks, which encompass draping fabrics, paintings, sketches, poems, and an evocative audio installation, invite viewers into a multi-dimensional experience that resonates on both a visual and intellectual level.

Shrouded Mysteries (The New Norms) transcends conventional boundaries by challenging established norms in Islamic dressing, offering commentary on cultural perceptions, and fostering contemplation on themes of identity, self-expression, and personal choices.