‘Fashioning Africa’

MOAD Museum of African Design, Johannesburg, South Africa
20 Mar 2014 - 27 Apr 2014

‘Fashioning Africa’

Fashioning Africa, 2014. Banner

The exhibition ‘Fashioning Africa’, will bring some of the continent’s most exciting contemporary designers to Johannesburg. 

The multidisciplinary exhibition explores the history of African fashion and surveys the current landscape of fashion in Africa.
A key intention of the exhibit is not only to celebrate the vibrant range and facets of fashion that Africa has to offer, but to create a contemporary look at the success of African fashion on the global stage.

Participating designers include Mille Collines (Rwanda), Kreyann (Cameroon), Sophie Zinga (Senegal), Intisaar (Zimbabwe), Project Mental (Angola), Ituen Basi (Nigeria), Maki Oh (Nigeria), Laduma Ngxokolo (South Africa), Daniele Tamaguni (Congo/Italy), Anna Ngann Yonn (Cameroon/ Paris), Mikuti (Kenya/ USA), Namsa Leuba (Guinea/ Switzerland), Kluk CGDT (South Africa), ChiChia (London/Tanzania), David Tlale (South Africa), Jared Hurwitz (South Africa) and Jim Chuchu (Kenya).