Residency Programme – Escola-Estúdio Raizvanguarda

Escola-Estúdio RAIZVANGUARDA, Góis, Portugal
Deadline: open

Residency Programme – Escola-Estúdio Raizvanguarda

The residency programme in Góis, Portugal –Escola-Estúdio RAIZVANGUARDA– is a project-based, trans-disciplinary, and par academic educational platform for professional and young artists and all kinds of creative thinkers: writers, musicians, curators, cultural managers, academics and other cultural actors devoted to establishing close cooperation through interdisciplinary programmes and residencies.

The residency programme selects individuals or pairs*with practical, creative, and original proposals several times a year and provides them with the environment needed to bring projects to light; whether it’s starting a publication, shooting a film, curating an exhibition, writing a script, or designing an institution.

Through the residency programme, residents are provided with the opportunity to live and work in Góis, Portugal (house/library/cultural centre), developing their individual projects and immersing themselves in the region’s creative atmosphere. Participants benefit from collaboration with other participants and mentors from a wide range of complementary artistic backgrounds. This programme is devoted to establish close cooperation between participants outside and inside the platform for innovative creative production.

Access to facilities and resources:

Escola-Estúdio RAIZVANGUARDA 2 large studios/exhibition spaces 40m2, 1 smaller studio space. Video projector, screen, video camera. Office facilities including printer and scanner. Storage room, access to garden, kitchen and toilet.

Additional Spaces – depended on availability Gois Cultural Centre – 200-seat theatre space with projector, sound system, backstage facilities Exhibition Space in Gois Town Centre

Organisers of residency programme will support successful participants’ applications in applying for grants to cover travel expenses.

Presentation of artists’ work:

All artists are encouraged to share the outcome of their residency through a performance, exhibition or open rehearsal at the Escola-Estúdio RAIZVANGUARDA for the local audience of Gois. We are also happy to provide feedback on work.

Additional performances or exhibitions can be arranged in the neighbouring villages or the nearest city, Coimbra. Artists should inform RAIZVANGUARDA at least one month in advance to allow for preparation of these events.


Send your application to arp@raizvanguarda.pt Please complete the enclosed application form . This should be accompanied by an up to date CV, and portfolio (maximum of ten works).

Good level of English is required.  There is no age limit for the program. Please note, our studios and spaces are not wheelchair accessible.

Residency slots: 

September – December 2015 and February – July 2016

Duration: min. 1 week – max. 2 months Fee: 80 EUR per week (after 2nd week 70 EUR) Fee payment should be done one month before participants’ arrival through bank transfer.

* Note: if you are a small group (3-8) and interested in applying, please get in touch as it may be possible to find alternative accommodation dependent on availability.