A response in uncertain times – Online Exhibition

Lars Kristian Bode/ Invisible Borders Agency, Hamburg, Germany
18 Apr 2020 - 16 May 2020

Turay, Mederic, Covid-19 (Detail), 2020. 100 cm x 100 cm. Mixed media on canvas

Turay, Mederic, Covid-19 (Detail), 2020. 100 cm x 100 cm. Mixed media on canvas

In a collective effort Invisible Borders Agency and Lars Kristian Bode bring together artists with various backgrounds, but they all have one thing in common: social commitment, especially in times of crisis. This group exhibition is only accessible online and is a reaction to a time of social distancing and forced standstill.

Armand Boua (*1978) works in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He works with found material and illustrates his works based on the lives of street kids who testify to the violence and political struggles in West Africa. His observations of children are drawn largely from street scenes where urban migrations create ethnic, linguistic, cultural and social entanglements that have come to enrich and problematize the region in equal measure.

Alteronce Gumby (b. 1985) works in New York, USA. He is an abstract artist working across multiple mediums and disciplines. In Gumby’s process, he utilizes landscape as it relates to space and everyday life. His paintings focus on the representation of the self and subvert the traditional understanding of light and color through nuanced application of tonal changes directly with the artist’s fingers and hands.

Mederic Turay (*1979) works in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He is synthesizing African cultural and figurative ancestry with western iconographic influences, in a linguistic “koine” that harmonizes the classical sculptural compositional structure with the tradition of sub-Saharan masks, placing the ritual dimension of the latter in perfect synergy with the contemporary aesthetic dimension.

Dallas-based Riley Holloway (*1989) is best known for his dynamic work and fresh look at figurative art. His images are often accompanied by text and other personal references embedded within the work. He uses a bold painterly technique to create depth within the portraits.

Yeanzi (*1988) works in Bingerville, Ivory Coast. The question of identity is at the heart of his work. Through the portrait, the artist implicitly reveals the personality of individuals with dual identities, regularly using assumed names. Since 2013, the artist has pursued a personal work using the plastic material that he melts, modifying his relationship to the genre.

NYC-based Chris Watts (*1984) is currently experimenting with transparencies between layers of silk and textiles in screened veneers of acrylic. His sensuous mixed media pieces provide the viewer with an opportunity to see themselves in and through the work, while inviting deliberation over the contemporary challenges he addresses.

O’Maurice Mboa (*1983) works in Geneva, Switzerland. He is an interdisciplinary visual artist who expresses himself through painting and metal engraving. Very rooted in the actual Cameroonian society, he draws his creative force from the cultural buzz of Africa. He stands out for the singularity of his “canvas sheets”, poetic works, sometimes evasive, but always intimately linked to his origins, to the very bowels of his land, to the soul of his ancestors and the aspirations of his contemporaries.

Invisible Borders Agency and Lars Kristian Bode will donate 20% of the sales to support Corona related relief actions.


Here you can visit the exhibition online: larskristianbode.com