Glenn Ligon, Installation View at 16. Istanbul Biennale. Short film

Looking Back

James Baldwin in Istanbul: Art and Activism in Exile

While in Istanbul Baldwin used fierce artistry to unmask the USA’s façade as the custodian of freedom and democracy, explains curator Gürsoy Doğtaş.

Collective Practices: A Sonic Essay

Kabelo Malatsie with Robert Machiri

Collective Practices: A Sonic Essay

Arts Collaboratory commissioned Kabelo Malatsie to respond to their network and the outcome is a sonic essay with Zimbabwean artist Robert Machiri.

Julie Mehretu, Among the Multitude I, 2019/2021. Courtesy the artist and carlier | gebauer.

Julie Mehretu

Rester alerte sans rien perdre de la poésie

Rose Jepkorir a rencontré l'artiste pour discuter avec elle de son œuvre qui investit les lieux étranges de l'entre-deux à travers l'abstraction.

Collage by Caroline Böttcher. Courtesy the artist.

Dekoloniale Berlin

Something Whispers Among The Trees

One hundred and twenty-five years after it took place, the “Colonial Village” at…

Nakitende Sheila Is Giving Barkcloth New Meaning

Artist Portrait

Nakitende Sheila Is Giving Barkcloth New Meaning

Nakitende Sheila twists, stitches, and burns as she experiments with natural textures and…

Decentering the I: How to Redefine the Human

C& Center of Unfinished Business

Decentering the I: How to Redefine the Human

Our Deputy Editor Will Furtado argues that indigenous knowledge has always held the…

Sam Gilliam, 
TBC, 2020, 
watercolor on washi, 



Sam Gilliam : entre structure et improvisation

Après la guerre, de nombreux artistes de couleur se sont vus rejetés par…

Gabi Ngcobo Investigates the Specters of the Museum


Gabi Ngcobo Investigates the Specters of the Museum

Since Gabi Ngcobo has started as curatorial director at a large Pretoria based…

Latifah Idriss, Photograph awall drawing, © Latifah Idriss

Design in Westafrica 

Worldforming by Ghanaian Women in Architecture

For three generations of women born between Ghana’s independence in 1957 and the…

Wood Picture, c. 1967. Courtesy of Galerie Lelong & Co.

Inventer son propre terrain

La pensée abstraite de Mildred Thompson

Au cours de la période dite « d'après-guerre », de nombreux artistes noir·es…

Some of the pioneering Women. (Clockwise) Safi Faye, during the shooting of

Celebrating Female Pioneers

Where are the Women Image-Makers in African History?

On the occasion of International Women's Day, our author Ethel-Ruth Tawe looks toward…

Sophie-Charlotte Opitz, Digital storm (2019)

Perspectives du journalisme culturel

Dans un monde hypermédiatisé

Enos Nyamor explores the visions of cultural journalism in a hypermediatized world.