What’s going on?

Lovell Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
08 Feb 2014 - 04 Apr 2014

What’s going on?

Neill Wright, untitled, from Legacies of Liberation series 2014, Duco and Polyacrothane on rasen Courtesy: Lovell Gallery

Experience South Africa today through the eyes of artists who reflect on and respond to what’s going on around them.

The Lovell Gallery presents its first exhibition for 2014: What’s Going On? – a two part group exhibition that visually invokes societal consciousness.

What is going on politically, socio-economically and environmentally is the expansive and bold question which will be innovatively and conceptually explored , expressed and challenged through the mind’s eye of these artists; societies neo-revolutionary activists and journalists who ‘speak’ as the voice of the self and the voice of many.

What is going on? and how does it intimately affect the individual and thus the collective; society. What is it that we are passionately advocating and protesting or quietly observing?  This exhibition will bring to the forefront the current issues that are at the core of our society, not only reflecting the present that is but the journey that has been, is becoming and that will become. What’s Going On? aims to invoke the intimate understanding and connection to society that we may have disconnected ourselves from; it will attempt to open up new spaces for active dialogue and internal thought provocation

The exhibition programme will also include a curator’s walkabout, and poetry performances.

Co-curated by Kefiloe Siwisa and Tamzin Lovell Miller, the group exhibition includes artworks by Benon Lutaaya, Bamanye Ngxale, Berna Thom, Carolyn Parton,Kelly Clohessy, Joao Ladeira, Michael Elion, Mbongeni Buthelezi, Neville Petersen, Neill Wright, Pierre le Riche, Riaan van Zyl , Robyn Denny, Skumbuzo Vabaza, Thonton Kabeya,Vivien Kohler, Zyma Amien

Poets: Asanda Vokwana aka Omnyama, Koleka Putuma, Spirit Mba aka The Exhibitionist


New Additional Works, Curators Walkabout and Poetry Performances

8 March 2014 11am-2pm



Established in 2009 by Tamzin Lovell Miller, The Lovell Gallery is a cutting edge, fine art gallery committed to the presentation of serious contemporary art of an international standard, in a manner that inspires understanding and appreciation. Interactions are important to us; we encourage dialogue between artists, viewers, collectors and curators.





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