Paul Ndema and Daudi Karungi: Latest things

Afriart Gallery, Kampala, Uganda
08 Nov 2013 - 29 Nov 2013

For three weeks, Afriart gallery displays a selection of 16 pieces of the work of Daudi Karungi and Paul Ndema. With their show the artists try to engage the audience into an open dialogue with their works and sometimes just explore new techniques.


“Daudi and Ndema’s latest things evoke a hilarious remainder of the current occupation with the notion of property (things). The Baganda are clamoring for their things while other people have fallen in things. A Nigerian singer is warning people not to play with the thing. This teargas thing has also become a subject of play, at least for Ugandan opposition leader; Dr Besigye, the Kampala Lord Mayor and Ndema. (LOL and LOL again) This seems to be all we can do when confronted by cruel moments of excessive police brutality; shove the bugger under the pickup seat and expose her breasts, esh.

On a serious note, why are all the people in Ndema’s paintings grinning? What is there to laugh about? I bet they are all laughing at Daudi’s Obama hanging by his tie. But we must give it to the man for holding a proud African stance even in the face of eminent death by strangulation at the hands of the puppeteers.

Daudi and Ndema have persisted in their quest for clarity and relevance of their paintings. One can’t help but be impressed by the innovation and technical competence exhibited by their things.”

By Henry Mzili Mujunga
Ugandan Artist and Writer




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