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Ground Up: Series of workshops by Dr. Edson Burton & Libita Clayton

Brunswick Square, London, United Kingdom
14 Jan 2018

Ground Up: Series of workshops by Dr. Edson Burton & Libita Clayton

Join for an afternoon of artist lead workshops, a free event, on Sunday January 14th, 2-5 pm, at the Brunswick Club, Bristol. Artists Edson Burton and Libita Clayton will expand on their individual practices, in history, film and performance to open up dialogue with the community surrounding the Brunswick Club.

Brunswick Square is a tale of gentrification, an intersection between the working class Broadmead prior to the shopping precinct, and the diverse communities of St Paul’s. The green is a slice of gritty Bristol realism: a site for office workers, worshippers, shoppers, sex workers, substance users and abusers, artists. Whether from riot or work in all its forms each walk of life that passed through the square is a vein rich of history.

But what is the future of Brunswick Square?

Will its past, present and possible futures be erased by a tide of new age gentrification. Rough edges smoothed, the ‘outcast’ the ‘undesirable’ ‘the artists, the economically challenged moved on, shipped out. A sterile new world beckons of muted gardens and uniform brightness. If you have a memory of Brunswick Square, if it is part of your route, work, or social life then come to the Brunswick Club on the corner of the square on Sunday January 14th, 2-5pm. The participants memories, thoughts, feelings will be the inspiration for movement, clay, vocal and discussion workshops throughout the afternoon. Culminating in a performance that creates a heartfelt cry for the past present and future of Brunswick Square, its nearby communities and what it means to Bristol. Inspired by Afrofuturism Burton and Clayton hope to borrow from all memories past to imagine and bring into being a new future. Afrofuturism embodies their shared interest in reimagining safe spaces, cultural sites and temporary communities. Working with curators, writers, dancers, and artists to propose and provoke ideas on workshopping, sharing, and moving. We invite you to join the vanishing points of a living diasporic archive in a murmur of togetherness with New Year, New Noise.


Workshop Facilitators:

Priscila Andersohn; singer based in Bristol, will be leading an experimental sound and music WS.

Barby Asante; artist, curator, and educator based in London, will be leading a discursive WS in ritual and memory.

Edson Burton; writer, historian and producer, will be leading a creative writing and retelling WS.

Valda Jackson & Rodney Harris; artist’s based at Spike Island Bristol, will be leading a clay culture WS.


This is a free event open to all.



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