Daniel Melim: Rouge

LKB/G, Hamburg, Germany
25 Jan 2018 - 24 Feb 2018

© Daniel Melim

© Daniel Melim

LKB/G shows the first solo exhibition of Daniel Melim in Europe. He is well known for his murals. His “Mural da Luz” was chosen as the most iconic one of São Paulo, which is a great accomplishment knowing São Paulo is the home of other great artists like OsGemeos, Nunca, Cranio and Eduardo Kobra. The exhibition runs from 26th January until 24th February, 2018.

In his new exhibition Rouge Daniel Melim is working on the perception of “women” in our society and how he feels that the theme is handled in general. He is focussing on the cliché and the stereotype of women, with references to Pop Art.

Daniel Melim is thus tackling a highly burning issue that has previously been relevant and will continue to be relevant in the future. In doing so, quite fun- damental questions point the way in his work. Equal rights, empowerment or equal opportunities can be used as headings for this. Not only through the #MeToo debate, this is a long-fought and very present problem.

In the works he also refers to violence against women through texts or statistics (Brazil is one of the countries that have a lot of cases of violence against women). But also thoughts about beauty in contrast to female feelings and other forms of expression are included. The contrast of beauty and colors reflects in varied planes, textures and the composition.


Wexstraße 28
20355 Hamburg





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