CAMERON PLATTER : ‘Better Together’

The AVA Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
13 May 2014

In partnership with Dulux and in celebration of World Design Capital 2014, The AVA Gallery has enlisted the help of Cameron Platter to transform the gallery facade into a work of contemporary art.

Cameron Platter has been one of the most dominant figures in the South African art scene of the last 10 years.  Born in 1978, Platter graduated from the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2001. After a short period training in restaurant kitchens, Platter has gone off record to say that he turned back to art because ‘it had to be easier than that.’ During the early 2000s he became one of the founding members of the Flash Art group – a group that included other famous names such as Dan Halter and Ed Young.


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