Call for Submissions: Journal for Artistic Research

The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR)
03 Oct 2013 - 15 Nov 2013

The Journal for Artistic Research (JAR) invites original submissions for future issues from artists worldwide, with or without academic affiliation. The journal is open to submission from all artists who wish to reflect on and expose artistic practice as research, who are interested in exchanging ideas and processes with a group of engaged peers and, thus willing to contribute to the ongoing debate about research in the arts.

JAR is a is a free, open-access resource as well as a peer-reviewed journal, publishing original research from artists of all disciplines. Published twice a year, with currently four issues accessible online, the journal is unique in its field, marrying the rich-media and social networking capabilities of online publishing to peer-review and scholarly rigour.

With the aim of displaying and documenting practice in a manner that respects artistic modes of presentation, the journal uses the  Research Catalogue, a free-to-use online tool that allows the weaving together of text, image, audio and video material. JAR is open to all possible approaches to the publication of research including those that use little or no text. The Research Catalogue also enables collaboration, allowing multiple authors to work on the same document simultaneously and submit to the journal as a team. Articles that are not accepted for publication in JAR can be self-published, free of charge in the Research Catalogue.

To submit an article, contributors are required to  register for an account on the Research Catalogue, and use the writing space to layout and expose their proposals. Interested contributors should first acquaint themselves with previous issues at www.jar-online.net and then contact the journal to discuss the suitability of their material and receive advice on progressing towards submission.


The next issue, JAR4, will be published in November 2013. 

Submissions that should be considered for JAR5 need to be made before November 15, 2013.


Send your correspondence to Barnaby Drabble, Managing Editor, Journal for Artistic Research: barnaby.drabble@jar-online.net




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