Blessing Ngobeni: In His State of Madness

Gallery Momo, Johannesburg, South Africa
10 Apr 2014 - 19 May 2014

Blessing Ngobeni: In His State of Madness

Blessing Ngobeni 'Pursuit of Power', courtesy: Gallery MOMO

Gallery Momo presents Blessing Ngobeni’s ‘In His State of Madness’.

„With this series, I am exploring a mindset of a society influenced by power and its impact on individuals. I am concerned with a state of mind which allows people to reach a certain level of chaos. My preoccupation is an understanding of the power of human natures, that which seems to either inform the state of madness or is infected by uncontrolled impulses.

Within the power of nature we are exposed to impulse that are informed by our environment; both good and bad. The choice to act on these impulses can be harmful or helpful to society as it depends on whether an individual chooses to abuse or uplift others. This predicament is an inherent aspect of the state of madness which speaks to the combative relationship an individual experiences. Thus understanding the human experience of holding a position of power, and how one honors the task, is a question of will power and management of one’s impulses. Of note, when power is not used sensibly and guarded against impulses, it has the potential to lead those who possess it astray. When it does so, it performs the undesirable state of madness which spreads like a virus throughout society, with an impact that may not seem immediately obvious, particularly to the architect. It is unlike any drug and unimaginable to a sober mind (drunk with power). As a result the scars that corrode society’s flesh are deep but continuously inflicted.

Preoccupied by effects of power, mindset, state of madness and impulse on human beings, my artworks are an exploration that might allow for a better understanding of the current times that are indicative of a society marked by both indicative of a society marked by both chaos and order. I am concerned with the social current in which power is effective, especially the way it is used and abused by affluent and authoritative individuals in society.

In this body of work, I appropriate images and forms from various magazines and related sources, to create visual representations that are a mix of reality and fiction on paper and canvas. These visual representations are reflective of both power relations and social madness in society, as well as an exploration of my ideology for the realization of the future of this world while in per suite of power.“

(Blessing Ngobeni)


Opening 10 April 6.30 pm





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