Artachat with Yvette Mutumba

32° East, Kampala, Uganda
22 Jun 2017

Artachat with Yvette Mutumba

32° East’s upcoming Artachat with Yvette Mutumba runs under the theme ‘Art and Community’.

Yvette Mutumba, co-founder and editor-in-chief of Contemporary And, will stimulate a conversation about public art and outreach with a particular focus on art generated and exhibited on the African continent. Yvette Mutumba has curated major exhibitions at the Weltkulturen Museum in Frankfurt, Germany. In 2016, she co-curated Focus: African Perspectives at the Armory Show, New York. Recently, she published an anthology I am built inside you.


Artachat is a research project with the intention of creating discussion and dialogue between artists and audiences.  The aim is to foster an environment for the exchange of ideas and debate and act as a starting platform for further research.

Artachat’s set up is informal but informative.  Underlying each of  the discussion sessions are engaging speakers, curated topics and an active audience with a desire to gain and share knowledge.  It borrows it’s title, aesthetic and a fraction of  jovial warm heartedness from the TV cult show, Art Attack and my (Rocca Gutteridge) somewhat experimental experience as a community radio presenter.

32° Degrees East
Ggaba Road, Kansanga, Kampala


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