Anike Joyce Sadiq: Shadowboxing in The Dark

NGO - Nothing Gets Organized, Johannesburg, South Africa
25 Jan 2018

Anike Joyce Sadiq: Shadowboxing in The Dark


Shadowboxing in the Dark

and hereto I move forth or backwards… rendering myself impotent.

Paranoid and tempestuous..I stutter, repetitively convulsing, hoping a trigger might pull me back from a certain threshold

(an urgent intonation)

One attempts to filter out the drudging background noise, a piercing and overbearing sonicity. It engulfs my being, making a mockery of my sanity… I lay trapped, listening to the echo of its mournful timbre

(An Inquisition).

I always ask myself whether you would have admonished the behaviour if (you were) confronted with the disjuncture or would you continue to be silent- complicit in and by your inactivity

paranoid and tempestuous…

the body heaves, waiting for the impossible utterance

A delay…

Shadowboxing in The dark is a situation by Anike Joyce Sadiq. The project is conceived and curated in conversation with NGO-NOTHING GETS ORGANISED. Part of the installation is realised in cooperation with Neo Muyanga. “Shadowboxing in the Dark” features as part of NGO’s extended programme “Abandoning the Scene of History” and will happen on January 25th, 6:30 – 9:30 pm.

“Abandoning The Scene of History” presents itself as an (after)thought. Drudgingly trailing an evasive path, it attempts to glance beneath the fold. Besieged by a “certain uncertainty” that haunts our present, the project concerns itself with a ceaseless waiting – one fostered through inscription and paradox. The one who waits is assailed by a lingering absence. Whilst waiting, they attempt to mine a certain (dis)location, ontologically scratching a perversity that can only be abated by the inconceivable. The project considers what it means to inhabit a perilous state of being, to live in capture and to be captured, to “endlessly mark time” . The one who waits is beleaguered by a fugacious and erratic time, Fred Moten puts it so eloquently when he states “We linger in the advent, in the brutal interplay of advent and enclosure”.

Anike Joyce Sadiq is an artist living and working between Stuttgart and Berlin, Germany. She is a graduate of the Akademie der Bilden Künste Stuttgart. Her work has been featured at various institutions including the 2017 PyeongChang Biennale, the Kunsthalle Baden Baden , the Dettinger Kulturpark in Plochingen, the Fondazione Biagiotti Progetto Arte in Florence as part of Black History Month Florence, The Palazzo Strozzi in Florence amongst others. Anike is a recipient of the 2015 Villa Romana prize, she is a 2018/2019 resident at the Cité Internationale des Artes in Paris.


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