Plataforma Revólver, Lisbon, Portugal
27 Sep 2013 - 02 Nov 2013

XEREM presents ALÉM MARGEM(S), a colective exhibition with works by Délio Jasse, Eustáquio Neves, Francisco Vidal, Kiluanji Kia Henda, Mauro Pinto and Mónica de Miranda.

“The juggler is a synthesis of the concept of territory. He is someone who administers    with three objects in a territory meant for only two.” – Cildo Meireles

What do these evoke today: territory, transgression, synthesis?

Walking intermittently between margin and center, this juggler is an individual in constant transgression. He chooses to inhabit territories in dispute, creating movements born in discord, honing transgressive practices. In his hands, elements don’t rest, they are in in constant movement and permanently questioning the relations between them.

“Além margem(s)” intends to highlight the importance of transgression in the synthesis of the concept of territory. To synthetise this concept is, first of all,   questioning a single perspective, taken from a center, and forcing it to other displacements   emanating from the margins. The works gathered here present us with other ways of seeing, other perspectives, other trajectories. A transit constructed of objects that, while circulating between the juggler’s hands, also allow us to reach a nuanced understanding of the concept of territory.

The opening will be on the 26th September, at Plataforma Revólver, in Lisboa.







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