Misheck Masamvu – Fractions

The first exhibition at C& Art Space brought together Yvette Mutumba, curator at Weltkulturenmuseum in Frankfurt am Main, and the artist Misheck Masamvu. He has participated in a number of exhibitions including the 54th Venice Biennale where he represented Zimbabwe.

‘Misheck Masamvu – Fractions’ presents a selection of the Zimbabwean artist’s works created between 2009 and 2012, reflecting the most recent phase of his production. With vigorous brush strokes and intense colors, Misheck Masamvu reflects on the psychosocial and political realities of Zimbabwe, his home country. His paintings are as provocative as they are fascinating, creating a tension between profound unease and aesthetic rapture in the viewer.

Masamvu unsparingly insists on the fact that a politics of violence and the destruction of social structures have left behind permanent scars. His works are a topography of pain, which do more than merely give visual expression to the suffering of his fellow Zimbabweans: his works also make a more universal point about the evils present in our societies.

His art symbolically joins back together what is left of humanity by creating hybrids that stand for the legacy of misery and inner turmoil, but also function as metaphors for the human ability to overcome adversity by inventing oneself anew.




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