The second exhibition at C& Art Space brought together curator and art critic Christine Eyene and sound and video artist Em’kal Eyongakpa who exclusively collaborated on our platform.

The project entitled “Em’Kal – The Inner Vision” gives us a unique insight and feel into Eyongakpa’s polyphonic art practice and sensory experiences. As Eyongakpa puts it:

“With time, my quest to transcribe observations and dreams led me to interactive mixed-media installations. The interwoven nature of media engages the multiple interests and sources that inform my pieces. I am also interested in the in-between, dream-reality and rituals, as well as the combination of photography, video, sculpture, and drawings.”

C& wants to thank Christine Eyene and Em’kal Eyongakpa for ingeniously giving their intuitive approaches and collaborative work-in-progress shape for our readers by intersecting their observations and an exciting mix of media.


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