SAMMUS, photo by Zoloo Brown.

Talks / Workshops 

Sammus: Afrofuturism – The Vision of The Future

On Sunday, 23.10.2022 , 12.00 a.m., Sammus will introduce Afrofuturism in her 90-minute interactive lecture a ...

Hungarofuturism Manifesto

Eastern Europe’s new liberation movement 

Hungarofuturism and its Parallels with Afrofuturism

Last year, while most of her Black friends were more invested in the promise of healing offered by the “Year ...

re:publica Sequencer Tour Detroit 2019 with Ingrid LaFleur (center), Armen Avanessian (left), William Senyo (right). Photo: Tash Moore

In Conversation with Ingrid LaFleur 

Afrofuturism as a Safe Space for Radical Decolonizing

C&: The Sequencer Tour 2019 aims to explore and engage the possibilities of emerging tech to collectively ...

Image: John Jennings


Afrofuturism Symposium

This two-day Afrofuturism Symposium bridges concepts in the creative worlds of Afrofuturism and science. The f ...

»This One Went to Market« von Nest Collective mit Patricia Kihoro


More Aphrike #7 »Afrofuturism is now«

Afrofuturism is back. Beyoncé’s video Lemonade or the new Marvel film Black Panther have just as much been ...

“AfroFuturism – African Science Fiction Shorts”


“AfroFuturism – African Science Fiction Shorts”

“AfroFuturism – African Science Fiction Shorts” is a afro futuristic evening curated and mod ...

Connecting the Dots: Blaxploitation and Afrofuturism

Queer Lisboa Film Festival 

Connecting the Dots: Blaxploitation and Afrofuturism

C&: Please tell us a bit more about the Queer Lisboa Film Festival. And how did the collaboration with Afr ...

Wilfred Ukpong, The Advent of the Visionaries-A Screen to Behold, 2017. Courtesy of Autograph London.


Wilfred Ukpong: Niger-Delta / Future-Cosmos

Utilising aspects of Afrofuturism and mysticism, artist Wilfred Ukpong creates compelling and poetic reflectio ...

Sun Ra, frame from the film Space is the place


HOPE – Group Show

HOPE marks the third chapter of TECHNO HUMANITIES with an international research group consisting of Bart van ...

(clockwise) Torkwase Dyson, Liquid A Place, 2023. Homme Adams Park 72500 Thrush Road, Palm Desert at Desert X. Photography courtesy of Lance Gerber; Rhael

Best of 2023 

C& Magazine’s Highlights of 2023 You Might Want to Read Again

. In Conversation Lamin Leroy Gibba: “I want to tell stories that feel truthful” The actor, writer, and pr ...

John Akomfrah: “If there is a problem with hybridity, for me, it is that it participates in this hierarchization of the world”


John Akomfrah: “If there is a problem with hybridity, for me, it is that it participates in this hierarchization of the world”

  Raimi Gbadamosi: Like you, Stuart Hall has been very important in helping form ideas about the self. ...

Photo: Nappy/Pexels

Contemporary Black Discourses 

Navigating Pain and Possibility

Black creatives often feel the acute pain of systemic oppression and discrimination that limits their access t ...

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