Cape Town/Johannesburg, South Africa


© Stevenson Gallery

© Stevenson Gallery

Stevenson is a contemporary art gallery with locations in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Five years after founding the gallery in Cape Town in 2003, Michael Stevenson partnered with David Brodie to open a second space in Johannesburg.

The galleries showcase contemporary art from South Africa as well as works by artists from elsewhere in Africa and the Diaspora in solo and group exhibitions. Stevenson also publishes extensive catalogues and regularly participates in international art fairs such as Art Basel, Art Basel Miami Beach, abc (Berlin), Paris Photo, Frieze New York and London, and Art Hong Kong. In addition to helping African artists gain access to the international market and show their work abroad, the gallery promotes exchange with artists from around the world. Since 2009, Stevenson’s FOREX program has brought well-known international artists like Francis Alÿs, Rineke Dijkstra, Thomas Hirschhorn, Glenn Ligon, and Walid Raad to South Africa, often for the first time.







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