Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Sakhile&Me, Gallery view, 2019, Courtesy of Sakhile&Me

Sakhile&Me, Gallery view, 2019, Courtesy of Sakhile&Me

Sakhile&Me is an international exhibition and research space working with established emerging contemporary artists, curators, critics, and researchers. Founded in 2018 in Frankfurt to intentionally prioritize the African continent and its diasporas, with the goal of drawing attention to contextual specificity in and through art – in content, artistic medium, genre and by investing in the work and development of artists and researchers in solo and small group exhibitions, both on the African continent and abroad, art fair participation, partnerships with other galleries and art institutions.

Sakhile&Me is committed to developing a strong art program that invests in the development of the artists and facilitates educational events that encourage audiences to come to a deeper appreciation and understanding of artistic works. “As we view art as both a platform and a teaching tool, we host artist talks, invite specialists in various fields related to our artists’ work, and partner with artist residencies, curators and art historians to help increase our artists’ public exposure and offer them platforms for research and conversation”, to quote the mission statement.




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