Lagos, Nigeria

Rele Gallery

Rele Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

Rele Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria

Rele Gallery is a dynamic contemporary art gallery with 2 locations in Lagos Nigeria, representing and exhibiting cutting-edge and game-changing visual artists. It´s mission is to continue to trigger a larger appreciation, followership, and engagement of art from Nigeria, making it accessible to both a local and global audience.

Rele Gallery´s commitments to organizing exhibitions and presenting works that capture the pulse of society remains ever resolute.  The entire body of work assembled in the exhibitions are a powerful reminders of the Gallery´s role as a public space and as an incorrigible purveyor of human stories.

The gallery has featured a series of longterm projects including Her Story, Tech Meets Art, Art Summit Nigeria and Young Contemporaries initiative. The latter a program created in 2016 and run by the Rele Arts Foundation providing and enabling an environment for young artists to be part of evolving discourses on artistic practice, art and social activism as well as critical issues that impact the immediate Nigerian/African and global contexts.


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