Dakar, Senegal


Exhibition view. Courtesy the Artist and OH GALLERY.

Exhibition view. Courtesy the Artist and OH GALLERY.

The selection of young artists exhibited – African and international – challenges a notion of africanness and what does or does not fit the concept of “Contemporary African Art”, by inspiring powerful exchanges among diverse narratives and techniques.

OH GALLERY opened its doors in Dakar in November 2018 with the precise intention to support the development of a local market of buyers across all ages and nationalities. The contemporary art gallery offers since a unique tailor-made experience to its visitors operating by appointment only. This manner of understanding the space aims to generate an intimate and contemplative approach to the artworks, making every visit confidential and personalised.

OH GALLERY runs a parallel programme of exhibitions and projects taking place outside the gallery’s walls (Hors Les Murs) in Senegal and at the international. This program is designed to showcase big scale itinerant artworks in an open-air environment that goes beyond the white-cube conception of the art gallery. It also offers the artists the opportunity to open an outdoor conversation with metropolitan as well as natural spaces (forests, hotels, interdependent art laboratories, schools, etc.) with experimental and site-specific installations. Outside The Walls’ ambition is also to reach new audiences by making contemporary art more engaging at the eyes of the general public.



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