Harare, Zimbabwe

National Gallery of Zimbabwe

©National Gallery of Zimbabwe

©National Gallery of Zimbabwe

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare is a centre of national culture that is devoted both to the presentation of contemporary art and to the preservation of the country’s visual heritage. The museum is home to a valuable and interesting collection of paintings, masks, images and sculptures ranging from the beginnings of African art through to the post-colonial phase.

The collection of contemporary African art includes works by Twins Seven Seven of Nigeria, the artist Malangatana of Mozambique, graphics from the late Zambian artist Henry Tayali, and a series of other works by Zimbabwean painters and sculptors, including original sculptures from Henry Munyaradzi, the brothers John and Bernard Takawira and Joseph Ndandarika, all of whom are late Zimbabwean master sculptors. Paintings and installations which were created during the time before and after independence was won in 1980 are an important part of the collection. Touring international exhibitions also enrich the exhibition programme on a regular basis. Zimbabwe’s National Gallery focuses not only on presentation, conservation and research, but also on artistic education. At the affiliated National Gallery School of Visual Arts, talented young artists are trained in various fields of artistic practice, while a primary objective of outreach programmes, workshops, film series and presentations in the National Gallery Visual Arts Studios (NGVAS) is to create an awareness of the fine arts among a younger audience.





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