Rabat, Morocco

Le Cube – independent art room

Bauhaus imaginista, learning from, vue de l’exposition au Cube – independent art room, 2018. Une exposition curatée par Maud Houssais, qui réunit des recherches de Kader Attia et des archives sur l’Ecole de Casablanca et le cabinet Faraoui & de Mazière

Le Cube – independent art room is devised as a space of exhibition, residence and research that is centered on contemporary artistic practices. Its approach revolves around projects that raise social, cultural and political questions, and proposals that question History and narratives.

With this dynamic, Le Cube designs and develops a vast program of exhibitions that link artistic issues to other dimensions of research, in order to carry out a constantly evolving reflection on our environment. A place for analysis and experimentation, Le Cube adopts and supports an approach that allows the artists and audiences to express their reflections and views.

In an effort to promote younger generations, Le Cube – independent art room has established residency programs, such as, the new generation and the summer’s lab, which nurtures emerging artists in the conception, production and exhibition of their artistic work. Moreover, with the curators zone program, Le Cube – independent art room invites the curators of art exhibitions to come up with new stories, re-examine and redesign exhibition and broadcasting systems. In order to collectively build on the subjects covered by the exhibitions, Le Cube organizes meetings, conferences and special evenings (talkvideo nightlistening session) that create new spaces for critical interaction and invent new modalities of collaborative action.

In addition, Le Cube – independent art room follows several emerging Moroccan artists over the longer term, by offering them administrative support (help in making artistic files, respond to calls for applications, text design, and networking), reflexive support (theoretical tools provision, meeting with cultural actors and academics), and technical support (production of works, assessment of needs, follow-up with suppliers). Le Cube also places special emphasis on female artists in its programming in order to counterbalance their unequal presence in the artistic landscape.

All the activities of Le Cube give shape to a rich universality which, by making the disciplines porous, makes it possible to explore new territories and creates an interdisciplinary platform of dialogue and meeting for audiences and professionals of all fields.

Le Cube – independent art room is composed of an exhibition, projection, conference, workshop and performance space, a library and a freely accessible archive, as a well as a residence for research and production.

Since its founding in 2005 by Elisabeth Piskernik, Le Cube – independent art room has presented more than 90 exhibitions and events in the field of contemporary art, has collaborated with more than 100 national and international artists, and has organized numerous educational and socio-artistic activities.




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