Dakar, Senegal

Kenu – the Lab’oratory of imaginaries

Kenu – Lab’Oratoire des Imaginaires. Courtesy the Artist.

Kenu – Lab’Oratoire des Imaginaires. Courtesy the Artist.

KENU, the Lab‘oratory of imaginaries, was born from the artist Alibeta’s project “Nun waa Kam” (Us, those from Kam). It opened at the beginning of 2020, emerged from a reflection on the means of action available to artists and populations to produce social change themselves within their communities. 

Established in the neighborhood of Ouakam, and rooted in the Arts, Culture and the worlds of Orality, KENU is the place of exploration of the different imaginaries, social practices and traditional knowledge present in the Ouakamese society.
Using artistic tools (photo, video, design, etc.) human sciences (research action, cartography, survey, etc.) and popular education (forum theater…) KENU documents, makes visible and produces with communities new ways of organizing and acting on social structures, to meet the challenges of the present on environmental, social, cultural, economic and political plans.



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