São Paulo, Brazil

HOA Galeria

HOA Galeria. Courtesy of the Gallery.

HOA Galeria. Courtesy of the Gallery.

HOA Galeria is the 1ST black-owned gallery from Brazil’s history of art , based in São Paulo – Brasil and London – UK. Dedicated to a decolonial perspective of Latinx contemporary art focused on artists from the global majority, HOA represents 14 emerging artists and accumulates a network of more than 40 artists from all over the country that are building a new vision about global majority culture in the local scenario.

From painting to 3D, inside its curatorial core HOA presents a large diversity of mediums in order to construct an intermedia relationship with the brazilian racial roots spectrum through abstract and figurative works which explores strong handmade artisanal techniques besides to futurist/ fiction concepts. The subjects that are present in HOA’s DNA travels across identity through a right of subjectivity, the political and queer thought, a meta-community documentary and the african/indigenous/asian heritage preservation + projection.




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