Dakar, Senegal


Collectif GawLab©

Collectif GawLab©

GawLab was founded in 2004 by N’Goné Fall, Sylviane Diop, and PralineB. in Dakar with the aim of promoting digital art in Senegal. Working at the intersection of virtual and real space, the collective develops artistic concepts, performances, and actions that have a direct impact on the city, thereby exploring the interdependence between digital reality and public as well as social space.

In their “Metatrame” project, the collective also trains other artists in the use of digital equipment and free software and teaches them the basics of video and animation production, digital urban management, and how to sell digital works. With the support and guidance of international experts from the fields of culture, communication, and information, artists can experiment here with new technologies and develop innovate approaches to artistic production. In this way, GawLab forms a network of different actors from the fields of culture, science, and technology who come together to exchange ideas, discuss the future of a digital society, and work together to solve specific artistic problems.





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