Berlin, Germany

Gallery Listros

Gallery Listros

Exhibition view, courtesy: Gallery Listros

The GALLERY LISTROS is a part of LISTROS e.V., founded in Berlin in 2003. Listros means “make shiny“ and is the name for young shoeshiners in Ethiopia who work for a better future by means of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Since its opening as a project-oriented space in May 2004, GALLERY LISTROS has left its mark as a Berlin gallery for contemporary art in the African context. While the gallery initially featured mainly non-African artists dealing with the topic of Africa, it has become increasingly focused on cooperation with artists from African countries and the diaspora.

From the start, LISTROS followed an interdisciplinary approach and propagated the important and universal role of art as a catalyst for social transformation and intercultural dialogue. With 3 to 5 changing exhibitions in the four large exhibition rooms (220 sqm) per year, it draws attention to various issues within the African context and present works of art from the fields of painting, video, installation, sculpture, photography and new media. Accompanying programs such as lectures, discussions, debates and guided tours provide space for exchange and dialogue.

Kurfürstenstr. 33
10785 Berlin



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