Dakar, Senegal

Galerie le Manège – Institut Français Sénégal

© Africa Centre

© Africa Centre

The Institut Français Leopold Sedar Senghor, in Dakar, is the headquarters of the Institut Français in Senegal. Through workshops, seminars and events, the institute works to promote the cultural development of the country, artistic exchange between France and Senegal, and dialogue among the cultures. The Institut Français opened the Galerie le Manège in a former military building in 2005.

Six exhibitions with different thematic approaches are held in the institute’s 300-square-metre exhibition space each year. The programme entails an exhibition planned by a young curator from Africa or the African diaspora. Among other things, an exhibition by a French or international artist is organised jointly with a European cooperation partner. Another show is dedicated to the field of photography. Presentations also include a project by the École des Beaux-Arts relating to Dakar and Senegal, along with an interdisciplinary exhibition that is open to topics such as architecture, science, crafts or digital art.




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