Paris, France

Galerie Jérôme Poggi

Galerie Jérôme Poggi

© Galerie Jérôme Poggi

The Jérôme Poggi Gallery is on an ongoing exploratory mission to seek out both emerging contemporary artists and more established or historical artists and facilitate their recognition financially, critically, and historically.

The gallery was founded in 2009 by the art critic and historian Jérôme Poggi, initially in association with Peter Bertoux. It was first located in the neighborhood of Paris’s Gare du Nord station. In spring 2014, a new space was opened in the city’s Marais district. This space, opposite Pompidou Center, is now the gallery’s primary address where it puts on public exhibitions. Jérôme Poggi also directs SOCIETIES, a nonprofit organization originally established in 2004 under the name Objet de Production which presents and promotes art of all kinds in both private and public spaces, working especially with the aid of the Fondation de France’s New Patrons initiative.


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