Nairobi, Kenya

Circle Art Gallery

Circle Art Gallery

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Founded in 2012, Circle is East Africa’s first independent arts agency, established to provide a highly professional consulting service for artists, art institutions, and the contemporary art market.

Through its consulting work, exhibitions and auctions, the Kenya-based agency/gallery aims to give the region’s most talented artists greater visibility and opportunities, ultimately increasing access to the region’s lively and fast-developing art scene.

Circle’s founders and directors have been working in the art world locally and internationally for the past twenty years. Circle shareholders constitute a cross-section of East African art collectors and businesspeople: Philip Coulson, Samit Gehlot, Tony Wainaina, Robert Devereux, Fiona Fox, and Dayo Forster. Circle directors also work regularly with arts organizations in East Africa and international donors who support the arts in Africa. Circle offers its services at subsidized rates to support and build skills, networks, and resources for artists and their supporters. Circle believes that helping artists and art bodies to create networks and skills increases their chances for personal and institutional development. Likewise, sharing experiences with regional arts organizations builds the contemporary art scene, developing local and international audiences.


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