Cairo, Egypt


Beirut, 11 Mahmoud, Sedky
off Shaheen St., Agouza, Cairo

Beirut, 11 Mahmoud, Sedky off Shaheen St., Agouza, Cairo

Beirut closed in 2015, but their website still offers a rich archive.

The art initiative and exhibition space Beirut was founded in 2012 in Cairo. At a time when the political and social structures in Egypt and the entire region are changing rapidly and radically, Beirut is a space where the current developments can be viewed through the lens of art and creative approaches to solving current problems may be found. Beirut hosts a variety of exhibitions, seminars, workshops, lectures and film screenings and puts out publications.

Additionally, Beirut offers a space for research projects as well as a residency programme. It is a forum where international artists, writers, curators and scientists can share their ideas, not only concerning art but also politics, economics, education and the environment, mutually searching for the answers to current issues and taking up critical positions to reflect on the present situation. One of the aims is to work closely with other, old and new, institutions dedicated to art, film, literature, dance and music, so as to build a stronger community and to reach a wider public. In this context, Beirut also hosts CIRCA (Cairo International Resource Center for Art), an organisation dedicated to investigating the legal, financial and political histories of key art spaces in the region, and forging new means of support, securing the present and future autonomy of art and artists.



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