Bonendale, Cameroon


ArtBakery, Nov. 2003. Photo by Iolanda Pensa

ArtBakery, Nov. 2003. Photo by Iolanda Pensa

The ArtBakery is an artists’ initiative in Bonendale, Cameroon, founded in 2002 by the artist Goddy Leye. The ArtBakery’s aim is to promote the development of contemporary art and practice in Cameroon and Central Africa, with a special focus on multimedia art.

By fostering interaction and exchange between established artists from Cameroon and abroad, the ArtBakery seeks to be a driving force for contemporary art and to improve the chances of local artists in the international market. To this end, the initiative has launched a variety of projects: young artists can attend seminars, workshops, and lectures in the master class; the “Art Daily” training program offers continuing education for journalists and writers in the fields of art history and art criticism.

In order to help emerging local and international artists gain access to the international art world, the portfolio program gives them the opportunity to professionalize their presentation of their work during a short residency. The “Bakery” is a small production studio where artists are given advice as well as technical support and instruction on the development and execution of their new media art projects. The “Nursery” program, finally, promotes cultural education in local schools. Artists give presentations in the classroom, and studio visits allow students to gain insight into artistic practice. Since Goddy Leye’s death in February 2011, his longtime friend Bill Kouélany and his sister Estella Mbuli have been carrying on his important work.



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