Algier, Egypt


aria - artist residency flat, 100 sq meter with studio/office space, kitchen and large living space and a bedroom.

aria (artist residency in algiers) hosts artists to facilitate their networking. aria was founded by artist Zineb Sedira in 2011, shortly joined by independent curator Yasmina Reggad, who is also known for her non-profit organisation Photo-Festivals.

The programme offers artists local and regional networking to facilitate the development of ideas related to the Algerian context. aria supports emerging and established artists from North Africa and across the world to conduct artistic and cultural research and production. This is to promote the development of dialogue and a constantly expanding dynamic network between the art scene in Algeria and international art scenes. aria offers residency programmes, commissions, and the organising of exhibitions. By collaborating with other institutions and exhibition spaces, aria wants to provide Algerian artists with a platform, which also gets attention in an international space and projects a new image of Algeria and the Algerian art scene.


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