Eddy Ilunga Kamuanga, Untiteled. Courtesy October Gallery

Born in 1991 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eddy Ilunga Kamuanga lives and works there today.

Eddy Ilunga Kamuanga draws influence from the cultural hybridity and structural complexity of Kinshasa. In spite of the limiting conditions imposed by the DRC’s volatile conditions, the artist’s paintings emerge out of a materially rich visual world of patterns and textures. Kamuanga recently set up an artist collective, and his persevering vision is characteristic of the vibrant intellectual community that continues to flourish in Central Africa. Often as bystanders to the political and social turmoil to which they are subjected, in a place where lives are too often derailed by urban delinquency and crime, Kinshasan artists are increasingly compelled to produce art that gives voice to their inner desires and hopes for the future. Kamuanga divides his practice between different kinds of commercial and creative work, drawing on forms of advertising and photography as well as traditional aesthetics. His paintings are an amalgam of complementary pop cultural forms, including music, fashion and, dance.



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