Abdelkader Damani

Abdelkader Damani develops curatorial practice around the interaction of four ‘players’ he considers structuring its projects: the work, the space, the viewer and the discourse.

Trained in architecture at Oran (Algeria), he studied, on his arrival in France in 1993, art history and philosophy at the University Lyon 2 and Lyon 3. After being in charge of art and architecture projects in Cultural meeting Centre of la Tourette, Le Corbusier’s architecture, he led since 2007, the “VEDUTA ” platform at the Biennale of Contemporary Art of Lyon. He is also an independent curator and works at the School of Art and Design Grenoble – Valence.

His recent publications include: Thierry Raspail, Hou Hanru & Abdelkader Damani, Le spectacle et le quotidien , Dijon, Presses du Réel, 2011; Recyclage et Urbanité , Paris, Editions de la Villette, 2010; Intuitions, in Biennale de Lyon 2011 , Volume 2, Dijon, Presses du Réel, 2012, Une équation à quatre variables , in Gestes Nomades,  HEAD – Geneva, Geneva (forthcoming in late 2013).


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