Zanele Muholi and Gabrielle Le Roux: Queer and Trans Art-iculations: Collaborative Art for Social Change

Wits Art Museum, Johannesburg, South Africa
30 Jan 2014 - 30 Mar 2014

Wits Art Museum, in partnership with Wits Centre for Diversity Studies and Inkanyiso, announces the exhibition ‘Queer and Trans Art-iculations: Collaborative Art for Social Change’.

This project features the work of two visual activists: Zanele Muholi ‘(Mo(u)rning)’ and Gabrielle Le Roux(Proudly African & Transgender and Proudly Trans in Turkey)’. The exhibition coincides with the official launch of the Wits Centre for Diversity Studies.

Homosexual and gender non-conforming people are discriminated against, victimised, penalized and criminalized. As insiders and concerned citizens within the LGBTI community who make art, Muholi and Le Roux employ art-activism as a resistance tool and a way to reveal how the LGBTI community exists within society. The works of both artists speak to the complexities, challenges, freedoms and dangers of living beyond the gender binary.


Opening Night 29th January:

Keynote speech by Pregs Govender, Deputy Chair of the South African Human Rights Commission

Performance by Zanele Muholi on the opening night to begin at 19h00.


Programming and special events:

Sat | 8 Feb | 12h00 |
Artist Gabrielle Le Roux will disucuss her exhibition Proudly African and Transgender and Proudly Trans in Turkey

SAT | 15 Feb | 12h00 |
Family TALKABOUT with Leigh Blanckenberg

Sat | 22 Feb | 12h00 |
Artist and art activist Zanele Muholi will talk about her exhibition Mo(u)rning





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