Mwini.AO. , Luanda, Angola
14 Aug 2020 - 14 Aug 2021


YAANG- Young Artists of Angola presents, on August 14, 2020, from 6pm, the virtual collective Exhibition “ From KUBICO TO THE WORLD”. The exhibition is the result of the Artistic Residency “ Emergência” that took place in online collaboration. The link to access the evento Will be made available to the public on the scheduled day and time, through the blog Mwini.AO.

Seven Young angolan artists with drawing, painting, installation, photography, photo-perfomance and video-perfomance participate in It. These are Agostinho Ngola, Dina Luzana, Fischer Dos Santos, Ima Tchitanga, Isabel Landama, Marisa Kininga and Nefwani Júnior. The project reflects the experiences and situations lived in the times of state of emergency, caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the angolan reality and in the resto of the world.

Visual arts without limitations in terms of supports ir means of expression (encouraging the use of any available ir found médium) and languages from the most tradicional ones, such as drawing, paiting, even these arising from technological evolution, such as photography, video, and others such as installation and perfomance, are the disciplines that fill and enrich the exhibition.

Between fear and uncertainty, art plays a big role in times of chaos and artistic prodution reflects these uncertainties in society. The exhibition aims to encourage creativity and intelectual production in times of crisis, raise a reflection on situations in the current contexto through art and present a suggestion or option for distance artistic collaboration. The exhibition is coordenated by Nefwani Junior and Marisa Antonio, Young artists living in Luanda who created the concept of the project.


Visit the exhibition here: artsteps.com


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