[Working Title] 2014

GOODMAN GALLERY, Cape Town, South Africa
20 Sep 2014 - 25 Oct 2014

[Working Title] 2014

[Working Title] is an annual group exhibition hosted by Goodman Gallery, as part of its continuing efforts to support young and independent artists and curators. The exhibition acts as a platform for project-based works by emerging artists not currently represented by the gallery. The aim is to create a space for dialogue between artists working in a variety of modes and media, to catch a glimpse of current artistic practice in South Africa and elsewhere.

Rather than being structured around any particular theme, [Working Title] aims to remain open to a range of possibilities. Artists are invited to propose recent works or projects, perhaps still in process or not yet fully resolved, with the hope that the exhibition itself can act as a catalyst for new ideas and conversations to emerge.

This year’s iteration will be held at Goodman Gallery Cape Town, with a focus on artists based elsewhere – in Johannesburg, Nigeria, Benin, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States – but whose work raises universal questions about place, justice, and individual action and responsibility that resonate with a particular urgency in Cape Town in 2014.

Participants: Ishola Akpo | Neïl Beloufa | Marco Chiandetti | Nolan Dennis | Zina Saro-Wiwa | Bogosi Sekhukhuni | Saya Woolfalk | Gavin Wynford





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