Will Fredo: TRAMAAAH – solo exhibition

KuLe, Berlin, Germany
13 Jun 2018 - 16 Jun 2018

Will Fredo

Will Fredo "Trama", video Still 2018, courtesy of the artist

TRAMAAAH is Will Fredo’s solo exhibition of video and photography showing their investigation into the role that drama, politics and personal trauma in Latin America play into collective performativity, aesthetics and the merge of fiction and reality.

Works on show include:

TRAMA (2018, digital video, 9 minutes, [2’ soundtrack by Blackwax])

Political chaos turns into personal chaos in insidious, apparent and creative ways. TRAMA examines how these are performed by Latin Americans and diaspora. The video follows Alicia’s DNA trail in Guatemala where she lost her family as a child and eventually fled. Also featuring scenes from telenovelas, social media memorabilia and news reports, TRAMA investigates the intersection where drama, trauma, politics and fiction meet and questions who influences whom and what is real and performed.

Smudge Tool Series (2017, digital photography, various sizes)

Collective, historical and self-imposed amnesia is a societal trait across Latin America. And nowhere is that more apparent than in a country with a tumultuous recent story like Guatemala. This series looks into how that same attitude towards memory is manifested in other visual and aesthetic ways. Exemplifying that are these photographs featuring billboards that can be found across the country with ads that once expired are summarily smudged. The traces of their own history are clear but the contents are blurred, just how Guatemalans deal with their hard memories.

Will Fredo (Guatemala/Cape Verde) are an artist and writer living and working in Berlin. Their work investigates repressed narratives, developing technologies and new forms of storytelling in the digital age. The artist will begin an MFA in October 2018.

Their international group exhibitions include:
2018 Seesaw, LiveInYourHead by Gay Couple at Head Genève, Switzerland
2017 Woven Dialects, Fontanelle Gallery’s Sister, Adelaide, Australia


Will Fredo: TRAMAAAH – solo exhibition 

Auguststr 10, Berlin

13-16 June 2018

Opening 13 June at 6pm
Opening hours 1-5pm Thu-Sat (or by appointment anytime 12-17 June)


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