We Find What We Seek. – Group Show

Coningsby Gallery, London, United Kingdom
25 May 2021 - 05 Jun 2021

Jimas Ametonou, Blue Quest, 2020.

Jimas Ametonou, Blue Quest, 2020.

Kensu Oteng presents We Find What We Seek, a group exhibition of four emerging artists from West Africa. For Ben Agbee, James Mishio, Theophilus Tetteh, and Jimas Ametonou, this group presentation is their first in London.

Anchored in the truisms of the human experience, this exhibition reduces, refines, and redirects our attention back to the reality of our collective being. Simply, this exhibition focuses on the quotidian habits performed universally, condensed into four categories: Work, Family, Leisure, and Entertainment. Each category is a reminder that the essence of our connectivity- simultaneously as individuals within our local communities, and as individuals present within a wider ecosystem of cultural production- is contained within that which is physical, imbued by the human thought and spirit. Alongside the contemporary artworks will be traditional antiques from across the African continent. Positioned in conjunction with the work of these emerging talents, the traditional antiques act as the binding material between two temporal moments – a literal and symbolic reminder of how the seemingly utilitarian object engages in our daily rituals.





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