Wallen Mapondera: Moving Target

SMAC Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
18 Jul 2019 - 13 Aug 2019

Installation view, Wallen Mapondera, 'Moving Target', (2019)

Installation view, Wallen Mapondera, 'Moving Target', (2019)

Zimbabwean artist Wallen Mapondera, will present his latest solo exhibition, Moving Target, at SMAC Gallery in Cape Town on 18 July 2019, at 18h00. This will be Mapondera’s third solo exhibition with SMAC Gallery.

Mapondera is currently working towards his Masters in Fine Art at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa. His works, with their careful repetition and telling titles, are a merger of art and protest. His meticulous use of unorthodox materials evidence a strong political undercurrent throughout his practice.

“It is notoriously difficult to hit a moving target, for this device is, by its very nature, meant to challenge or even escape our reach. Whether it is understood as something that deliberately moves while someone is trying to hit it, or as an idea or situation that constantly changes while one is trying to make sense of it, a moving target defies easy access and full control. As the title to this exhibition of his most recent body of work, Mapondera is exploring his own experience of moving targets and the impact they have on the psyche of the Zimbabwean population. This is a critical return to a fraught socio-political environment, for Mapondera’s work engages with his home country and the governmental turmoil and financial instability Zimbabwean citizens face on a daily basis,” writes Ernst van der Wal.

Moving Target will be on show at SMAC Gallery in Cape Town until 13 August 2019.



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