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« VIRTUAL MOBILITIES » Open Call – Kampala Art Biennale 2016

Kampala Art Biennale, Uganda
Deadline: 30 May 2016

« VIRTUAL MOBILITIES » Open Call –  Kampala Art Biennale 2016

« VIRTUAL MOBILITIES » is an Open Call for the Kampala Art Biennale 2016.

Under the theme « Seven Hills » the Kampala Art Biennale will take place from 3 September – 2 October 2016. The Biennale is directed by Daudi Karungi and Elise Atangana is the Artistic Director this 2nd edition.

The title refers « Seven Hills » to the 7 hills which historically surrounded the city. Related to mobilities studies, the Biennale aims to question, with an aesthetic and a political approach, the transformation of movements in public space, physically or virtual (through connected technologies) and how it affects the daily life of the population from Kampala and from Eastern Africa sub region perspectives.

It will be an experimental territory for the artists practitioners to explore new forms and ideas.



Virtual mobilites open call will challenge artists and practitioners who are interested in how digital era impacts movements, representation and practices in our daily lives.

With reference to the definition of mobility by the sociologist John Urry[1], the open call will be related to: ” (…) imaginative travel in images and media; communication and virtual travel through connected technologies”.

Regarding Tim Cresswell[2], mobilities depend also on accessed resources. It questions how movement and its distribution in virtual sphere (technologies, networks, devices, data, etc.), narrative and experience practice operate.

The last angle related to “Performative of spaces”[3]  in its formation of new habits and interactions in virtual space in an Eastern African context or elsewhere.


Works could be related to:

  • locative media
  • imaginative in images and media
  • communication
  • virtual travel through technology
  • movement and its distribution in virtual sphere
  • narrative and experiences of movements in digital era
  • habits and interactions of body/mind in virtual space
  • mapping


All disciplines are included :

Painting, Video, Installation, Performance, Photography, Sound, Digital arts, VJing, Design, Architecture, Innovations, Contest

Submissions are open for the 2016 edition of Kampala Art Biennale for visual artists, designers, architects, digital innovators, from the African and worldwide scene who are invited to send their proposals. Artists, designers, architects and digital innovators should present 1 or 2 projects already produced.

7 laureates will be selected from various nationalities, including at least 4 from African countries. Each project selected will be shown during the Biennale.

Date for applications: From 18 April to 30 May



Please complete the online application form here and send your proposal (images, video links and text presentation) with the mention KAB16 – Virtual Mobilities OPEN CALL to:

Find the.


The Jury will be composed of international researchers and professionals who explore the notion of mobilities in relation to visual arts in a digital age.

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