ULULATION @ NJELELE vol.I : video | sound | music | dance | performance | art 

Njelele Art Station, Hararae, Zimbabwe
29 Apr 2015

ULULATION @ NJELELE vol.I : video | sound | music | dance | performance | art 

ULULATION @ NJELELE vol.1 will take place on 29 April 2015 at Njelele Art Station. An exciting all-day live A/V show that includes the IN/FLUX I-III series by SPARCK & Lowave, Brown Core Fly Stream by Tabita Rezaire, and Povo Crate Digging by Pungwe Nights with special guests Mandla Mlangeni & the Freedom Ensemble, Edith WeUtonga, amongst others.

11.00 – 16.30
SPARCK & Lowave

IN/FLUX is a series of three compilations of experimental films and videos from the African world.
The violence and the pleasures, the contradictions, fears and desires of a planet shaped by the postcolonial condition, the present-future of our common humanity in a global, 21st century system shot through with radical change: these are the foci of IN/FLUX

17.00 – 18.00
Brown Core Fly Stream
Tabita Rezaire 

Brown Core Fly Stream is a continuous flow of data aiming to challenge and deconstruct western hegemony on our screens.
Brown Core Fly Stream is about claiming and owning spaces of culture and knowledge and asserting brown narratives and experiences into the realm of relevancy.
Brown Core Fly Stream is an act of radical self-love.

18.30 – 02.00
Povo Crate Digging
Pungwe Nights

Povo Crate Digging is a participatory intervention inviting the public to dig into their own record collection whether active or inactive, to extract musical knowledge and rewrite our histories through a dialogue of sound, images and dance. Please bring along your vinyls of Zim/Chimurenga music… Be part of “the collective listening session!”


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