The Measure of All Things: On the (In)Human – Group Show

Lunds konsthall, Lund, Sweden
29 Jun 2019 - 22 Sep 2019

Sandra Mujinga, ILYNL (It´s Like You Never Left), 2016

Sandra Mujinga, ILYNL (It´s Like You Never Left), 2016

The exhibition brings together the work of four artists, all with a strong connection to the Swedish and regional art scene and who through their practice explore questions about the human body, politics and subjectivity: Ulrika Gomm, Hanni Kamaly, Santiago Mostyn and Sandra Mujinga.

In Sandra Mujnga’s work, this happens in the encounter between the augmented human body, technology, fashion and digital media. Both Hanny Kamaly and Santiago Mostyn allude, in their sculptures, videos and installations, to repressive strategies limiting the scope of human action and thereby excluding individuals and groups from the communal. Ulrika Gomm engages with the theme of the exhibition through two of her installations departing from Swedish governmental attitudes towards bodies and individuals and from different notions of democracy in today’s authoritarian China.

The title of the show refers to the Greek philosopher from 400 BC, Protagoras’ well-known reminder of how anthropocentric our perception of the world and ourselves is. Protagoras did, according to Plato coin the term, “Homo Mensura”, meaning “Of all things the measure is man”. The statement has been interpreted as an expression of the idea that any understanding of the world are relative to an individual (human) observer. A controversial statement, implicitly discussed in the exhibition.





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