The Female Line – Group Show

SMAC Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa
28 Aug 2019 - 12 Oct 2019

The Female Line Installation View 2019, Simphiwe Buthelezi | Abadala bayakhuluma (The elders speak) | 2019 | Straw Mat, Beadwork in Gilded Frame | 53 x 55 cm

SMAC Gallery presents ‘The Female Line’ , a group exhibition featuring work by emerging artists from various geographical backgrounds.

The Female Line calls on the artist to critically consider the inherited roles that exists within their matrilineal ancestry. By addressing and focussing closely on aspects of a culture driven by female agents (mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts) – this exhibition asks the artist to engage with their personal matrilineal ancestry as they have experienced it. The exhibition aims to reflect on histories of violence and histories of love, loss and nostalgia, the current effects that the matrilineal society has claimed over space and politics as well as their own sentiments, celebrations, fears, questions, and pleasures experienced both personally and as part of a collective memory.

To be feminine is still defined by the dividing lines that bore its name, even after the milestones achieved by the oppressed to take these meanings as their own, and make of themselves what they want. These violent lines etched into the history of womanhood are not all that exist for femininity to draw from. The Female Line serves as  homage to the heritage that has been passed down in spite of every effort to mould, malign and mystify its legacy. This exhibition asks, what lies in the bones of our matrilineal society that could illuminate every innate desire; sense of  shame; connection or fear? What binds us in our otherness? What strips us of our togetherness? This group exhibition aims to address the narrative at its nexus; in all honesty, polarity and universality that is uncovered in the wake of its pursuit.

Freeing yourself was one thing, claiming ownership of that freed self was another.” – Toni Morrison

The Female Line includes the works of: Chechu Álava (Spain), Romina Bassu (Italy), Simphiwe Buthelezi (South Africa), Jeanne Gaigher (South Africa), Gabrielle Kruger (South Africa), Sepideh Mehraban (Iran), Richard Mudariki (Zimbabwe), Kresiah Mukwazhi (Zimbabwe), Asemahle Ntlonti (South Africa), Talia Ramkilawan (South Africa), Brett Seiler (Zimbabwe), Iris Schomaker (Germany)




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