The African Digital Art Challenge

25 Feb 2015

The African Digital Art Challenge

The African Innovation Foundation, has extended the deadline for the  African Digital Art Challenge – applications are now accepted until the 25th February 2015.

The purpose of AIF is to increase prosperity of Africans by catalysing an innovation spirit in Africa.

Through its landmark initiative, the Innovation Prize for Africa (IPA), AIF catalyses African stakeholders to invest in emerging ideas by Africans to ensure a sustainable, prosperous Africa.  Targeting innovators in the 5 priority areas, and with a total prize share of US$150 000 awarded to the best African innovators, this year’s IPA edition (#IPA2015) was open between August and November 2014.

Why the African Digital Art challenge?

At AIF, strongly believes that the social, technological and economic well-being of Africans can be realised by driving innovation, transparent processes and social development, across the continent. We view innovation as a catalyst of change to better the lives of Africans.

Through the African Digital Art Challenge, they would like to pay tribute to the indispensable work of digital artists across Africa in documenting the innovations and in changing the rhetoric about the continent.

In synergy with AIF’s objectives of mobilizing innovators across Africa to release untapped potential in Africa and IPA’s goal of promoting innovation in key sectors, we would like to inform and raise awareness on innovation in Africa and what it means to Africans.

Through this initiative, they want to promote innovative solutions to development challenges within Africa while understanding African perspectives on innovation, showcasing its transformative power and empowering nature.

For detailed information of competition categories, conditions of entry, and submission procedures, please visit the blog in English or in French.




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